Your Opinion?

Have thoughts on the Bearcats? Are you a fan of Mick Cronin or do you think there’s a better man for the job? Are you okay with a defense-heavy philosophy? Do you agree or disagree that this group is Mick’s most talented so far at UC?

How about the Reds? Dumping pitchers, shedding payroll, no left fielder yet, huh? Will Votto ever be a Top 10 hitter again? Is Cozart’s glove good enough to overcome a nonexistent stick at the plate? Will Billy Hamilton be an All-Star? When will Jesse Winker be ready…should the Reds just throw HIM in left field and see what he can do?

Comment below. Speak your mind. Vent!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Justin Berg (“Jux”)



  1. I am curious about your thoughts on the lack of white players brought to Clifton on scholarship. Cronin has gone a full decade without bringing a player in and I doubt you can find a D1 school with that dubious record.


    1. Coach Cronin attempts to bring the best players he can to UC, regardless of race or ethnicity. There certainly are plenty of other programs around the country with similar roster structures.


  2. What a great win for the Cats last night! Absolutely love how Jermaine is leading the team lately!! appreciate all the interesting facts in your blog…and thanks for the shout out!


    1. Thanks for reading, Janis, and I apologize for initially spelling your first name wrong!

      Jermaine is stepping up and providing senior leadership at the right time. Let’s keep it going on Saturday!


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